Medical Device/Digital Start-Up


Whether you are thinking about a Start-Up, actively building one or have an approved/cleared product that you cannot monetize…we recommend you STOP!

Stop! and get your Score

  • Our 19+ successful exits in the medical device/digital space over 25 years has taught us a lot about what “has to be true” to succeed
  • We have also been involved in (or analyzed) over 100 ventures in the space that failed or are failing.
  • We have rigorously identified and quantified the drivers of success and failure and created Benchmark Scoring Tool with 217 Measurements that will Quantify: “What has to be true for your venture to succeed”
  • The result of Benchmarking is
    • Quantified Report of where you stand vs Benchmark Scoring Tool
    • Detailed Road Map to raise your score and increase the odds of success

Force Multiplication Engine

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