About Us

Delta Force is a “Force Multiplication” firm founded in 2013 to enable companies, groups, teams, and individuals to achieve their objectives.

Delta Force has gathered and uses a set of systems, processes, tools, and networks that have been tested and proven effective in the “real world” over 25 years

Delta Force has also created quantified benchmarks for the areas critical to success in start-ups, commercialization, leadership, and personal effectiveness.

The benchmarks are used to assess your Current State and identify what “has to be true” to win. Delta Force then multiplies your force by applying its systems, processes, tools, and networks where/when needed to achieve the objective(s)

Purpose: Force Multiplication to enable organizations, groups, teams, people to achieve their objective(s)

Ideal Client: Has a ”Desired State” that must be achieved as quickly & economically as possible

Areas of Focus:

  • Medical Device & Digital Healthcare Solutions
  • Objective Achievement: Planning, Ops Plan, Execution
  • Team, Group, Personal Effectiveness

Unique Value: Systems, Processes & Networks to make achieving objective(s)…inevitable