Pre or Early Stage Start-Up

Why you will benefit from Delta Force – Force Multiplication

Most Pre and/or Early Stage Start-Ups begin with these fatal flaws:

  • Unclear Exit goal and strategy to get there

  • Inadequate research, vetting, scoring of:

    • The Market (size of the available market)
    • Clinical needs and required proof of superiority
    • Reimbursement, r
    • Required Cost of Goods Sold
    • Commercial potential
    • Funding potential
    • Exit/Monetization potential
    • Inadequate or no Execution System/Process
    • Inadequate (or wrong) design inputs
    • Wrong development to clearance model
    • Inadequate or expensive funding

These Fatal Flaws Result In:

  • High Failure Rates

  • Wasted Time

  • Wasted Money

Learn how Delta Force – Force Multiplication Mitigates These Fatal Flaws