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Why you will benefit from Delta Force – Force Multiplication

Most Vetting/Due Diligence is inadequate due to these Barriers (Delta’s):

  • Inadequate access to ALL of the “right” stakeholders in the success equation to gain the information needed for winning decisions


  • You don’t KNOW the Entity you are evaluating has the “right”
    • Information and access to stakeholders
    • Leadership, Management Capabilities
    • Development plan and options
    • Network, contacts
    • Execution system
    • Ability to commercialize
    • Experience and skills to negotiate and close the acquisition (or IPO)
  • You don’t KNOW the solution has the right:
    • Available market
    • Clinical differentiators
    • Economic differentiators
    • Accretion to potential acquirers

These Barriers (Delta’s) Result In:

  • Inadequate information
  • Inadequate research, vetting, scoring
  • Failed investments

Learn how Delta Force – Force Multiplication Removes these Barriers (Delta’s)