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Assessing the Current State in any situation is the first step In achieving the ultimate objective(s).

Two sets of benchmark data are required:

  • Identify and quantify the elements critical to achieving the Desired State
  • Identify and quantify where you stand in each of these elements

Our benchmarks have been built, updated, and validated over 25 years. They provide both the information/data needed for decision making and also inform the execution plan

Validated Benchmarking Models Include:

  • Start-ups (market, unmet need, solutions, dev. plan, exit potential, etc.)
  • Investors (decision making data, capabilities, solution, exit potential etc.)
  • Sales Optimization (value prop., knowledge, skill, accountability, mgmt.)
  • Personal and Professional Effectiveness (goal setting, assessment, execution, communication, leadership etc.)

Systems, Processes, Tools & Networks

Benchmarking quantifies both the Current State and the elements required to achieve the Desired State resulting in the Roadmap/Ops Plan… now it’s time to execute.

We multiply your forces (where and when needed) to achieve the objective(s) using Delta Force systems, processes, tools, and networks.

These resources are the aggregate of what we have found to be the most effective way(s) to achieve objectives.

  • Execution System
  • Product Development
  • Fundraising
  • Cultivation/Mgmt. of Strategics
  • Regulatory Approval/Clearance
  • Commercialization
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales Process & Mgmt.
  • Human Effectiveness