Force Multiplication Process for Strategics
  • Immersion & Analysis: Current State from Perspective of All Stakeholders
  • Facilitate and/or Execute Discovery: Selection & Quantification of Desired State, Possible Strategies, Tactics, Resources
  • Execution System: Predictably Achieve Objectives and Building Culture
  • Resources: The Right People w/Right Experience/Network to Multiply Force with Economy & Speed

Immersion & Analysis

Current State

  • Market Position
  • Growth Strategy
  • 5 Year Plan

New Products/Services, Companies in the Space

Discovery & Selection

Desired State

  • Growth Targets
  • Organic Growth
  • New Products/Services
    • Internal Development
    • External Development


Execution System & Resources

  • Initial Meeting
  • Quarterly Check-In/ Information Share
    • At your office
    • At Conference
    • Over Go To Meeting

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