• Many people think selling or influencing comes down to either a natural “gift” or learned tricks and personality techniques. At Delta Force we do not see it that way at all.
  • Human Influence really comes down to three things:
  1. Who you are as a person (Character, Integrity, Ethics, Trustworthiness)
  2. Your intent (the reason you are trying to influence)
  3. The value the customer perceives
  • We have all recognized people who seem to be successful in sales. They just seem to have the knack for it and close sales easily. Well, if those sales are not based on the right character, intent and customer perception of value, you will almost always find the customer is really not sold at all. They may have agreed to the initial sale, however, the business is transient in that the customer:
    • Backs out of the sale
    • Does not continue to purchase over time without regular sales rep intervention
    • Does not refer others to your product/service
  • With the tools in the Delta Force Psychology of Human Influence program you and your teams will improve their ability to influence others so that new sales are generated in a manner that creates customers for life. They are self motivated to buy and refer others because of their satisfaction..
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Influence people to act while building trust