• This responsibility of leadership is the creation of the overall Operational Plan to execute on the chosen strategy. The plan must be well constructed, have the correct measures of progress and paced by a timeline. Most organizations do this well because its largely tactical.
  • Many people believe the biggest delta or gap in operational planning is failure to communicate the plan effectively to gain stakeholder understanding and buy-in. We don’t see it that way at all. We believe the biggest delta is failure to involve management in the creation of the operational plan.
  • Our Operational Plan Creation process involves management and other key stakeholders. This makes it possible to:
  • Gain different perspectives and harness the best thinking in the organization
  • Pave the way to plan acceptance and motivation
  • Easily communicate the plan and each function’s role in its execution
  • The result is a better constructed plan that people feel a part of and much higher motivation to execute the components.

The key to effective execution and accountability