• Practice Leaders have the responsibility of identifying objectives and goals, however, the way they select them is often a subjective decision that does not lead to success. When we first meet with practice leadership to identify objectives and goals, we often hear the following:
  • What is the difference between objectives and goals?
  • We want to double revenue
  • I just want to be able to retire
  • We want to build the the practice to make it more valuable when we sell
  • My goal is to make practicing fun again
  • Our process ensures objectives and goals are chosen and communicated in a way that sets the practice up for successful execution and goal attainment. The results is:
    • The practice not only wins its battles but wins the overall war
    • Teams and stakeholders have crystal clear goal clarity
    • Strong personal commitment to the goals,
    • Accountability for their performance
    • The right leading and lagging indicators of success
Delta Force High Performance Business Development

More than just S.M.A.R.T., they have to be right