•  Several studies over the past ten years have concluded that traditional sourcing, interviewing, selection and on-boarding results in a 50% miss-hire rate. Unfortunately the average miss-hire can cost an organization much more than the money spent to hire and train the wrong person due to opportunity cost.
  • Delta Force has spent over 25 years studying and applying numerous hiring systems and techniques. While each of the systems has merits, it is absolutely true that one size does not fit all. What’s needed is the customization of sound hiring processes to your needs.
  • Delta Force brings the historically proven fundamentals and the ability to customize the process to deliver the best human resources for your organization.
  • Delta Force flourishes in the “deep dive into the cognitive, emotional and behavioral traits required for success in each role. We deliver a customized sourcing, interviewing, selection and on-boarding to ensure you have the right people in the right roles.
  • The result is a rate of right-hires that far exceeds the national average because managers follow a system rather than approach hiring as an art.
Delta Force High Performance Business Development

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