• Another responsibility of strong leadership is the creation of an effective Operational Plan. This plan must be well constructed, have correct measures of progress and be paced by a timeline. Most organizations have detailed operational plans that meet these criteria. They feature numerous tactics and metrics that add up to ultimate success. Then why do so few organizations regularly and reliably accomplish their plans?
  • We believe the once of the biggest reasons is failure to involve management and/or team members in the creation of the operational plan. Leaders that do not involve their downstream teams in plan creation fail to avail themselves of valuable new perspectives and thinking about the plan. They also miss a critical opportunity to gain commitment to the plan.
  • Our Operational Plan Creation process involves management and other key stakeholders. This results in:
    • Gaining different perspectives to harnessing the best thinking in the organization
    • Plan acceptance, commitment and motivation
    • A well communicated plan where each function understands its role and contribution to plan success
  • Teams simply execute better when they are involved in plan creation. Delta Force will teach your leaders and/or facilitate the process of operational plan creation to dramatically increase plan execution
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