• Leadership has the responsibility of selecting objectives and goals, but how do they select them? How do they know if the goals are the right goals? If they are executable? When Delta Force is retained to facilitate the identification of the optimum objectives and goals, we are regularly asked the following questions:
    • What is the difference between objectives and goals?
    • How do we identify the right goals?
    • How do we gain the “buy in” of the team?
    • What is the best way to select goals among all of the choices?
  • Objectives and goals are critical to all success. However, many leaders are not as thoughtful or purposeful about their goal selection as they need to be. Simply stating the goal is to grow, double or gain market share is not likely to result in goal attainment.
  • Delta Force activates the collaborative process with our clients to identify and select key objectives and specific goals to ensure:
    • The organization not only wins its battles but wins the overall war
    • With the support of Delta Force, teams and stakeholders achieve goal clarity, commitment to the goals, and accountability at the team level to drive execution and lift the culture
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